Our people are our most valuable asset – they are skilled problem solvers that embrace challenges and turn them into opportunities. We have worked to create a fun, creative atmosphere that nurtures our values and our commitment to quality, and rewards excellence. This atmosphere has helped us attract talented professionals in our industry whose main objective is to create memorable experiences for the thousands of guests that visit our restaurants each day.

Executive Team

  • Elie Khoury
    Elie Khoury
  • Pete Lewis
    Pete Lewis
    Vice President
  • Lee Cuicchi
    Lee Cuicchi
    Vice President

Advisory Board

  • Randall Howard
    Randall Howard
    Board Member
  • David Waguespack
    David Waguespack
    Board Member
  • Nick Mayer
    Nick Mayer
    Board Member
  • Ray Harrigill
    Ray Harrigill
    Board Member

Operations and Support

  • Nick Malone
    Nick Malone
    Development Manager
  • Tim Lupin
    Tim Lupin
    Project & Design Manager
  • Mary Quinn
    Mary Quinn
    Senior Director of Operations
  • Mo Al-Habashneh
    Mo Al-Habashneh
    Director of Operations - TGI Friday's
  • John Paisant
    John Paisant
    Director of Operations - TGI Friday's
  • Steve Goldstein
    Steve Goldstein
    City Leader - Taco Bell
  • Bryan Parker
    Bryan Parker
    Area Coach - Taco Bell
  • Melissa Ellison
    Melissa Ellison
    Area Coach - Taco Bell
  • Nicholas Moret
    Nicholas Moret
    Area Coach - Taco Bell
  • Phil Ryan
    Phil Ryan
    Managing Partner - NOLA & Marigny Brasserie
  • Barbara Coultas
    Barbara Coultas
    Managing Partner - TGI Friday's Harvey
  • Faris Bushnaq
    Faris Bushnaq
    Managing Partner - Mazza Mediterranean
  • Tony Kavoosi
    Tony Kavoosi
    Managing Partner - Chevy's Fresh Mex
  • Tom Riley
    Tom Riley
    Corporate Controller